About Us

Founded in 2018 and based in Salinas, California, C-Quadrant is a state of the art extraction facility capable of processing, testing, packaging and distributing high-quality full spectrum and isolate products, at lower costs.

Located in the heart of the “Silicon Valley” for cannabis grow spaces, we are surrounded by 2,000,000 acres of farm land designated for legal greenhouse cultivation. Our facility in central California provides us with an optimum strategic position for biomass acquisition and distribution pipelines throughout the entire state.

Our 40,000 sq ft industrial cannabis extraction mega lab sits on five acres of land zoned specifically for the medical marijuana Industry. With strategic partnerships that include established cultivators, wholesale distributors, manufacturers and retailers, we are improving and reinvigorating the cannabis extraction industry.

How can we do this? Simple, by utilizing the full capabilities of our industrial grade lab equipment we can process over 20 metric tons of biomass daily. The sheer scale of our facility allows us to provide a unique advantage in pricing for the wholesale and retail markets. From grow-ops to retailers, whether large or small, we have scalable solutions for all your extraction needs.

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